Introducing Phillip Dibben Mediation

FSSA is pleased to announce the launch of Phillip Dibben Mediation (PDM).

This much needed mediation service is conducted by Phillip Dibben who is accredited with Australia’s National Mediator Accreditation System.

Promising to promote positive outcomes for all, PDM helps individuals and groups who are finding it difficult to resolve a dispute. 

Offering a 7-step collaborative framework, PDM explores and defines a problem, then quickly, amicably and cost-effectively works through a fair and reasonable negotiation and dispute resolution.

For Phillip, or Dibbo as he is better known locally, mediation is an important service that is helping family members and in particular farming families, who may need to work through farm succession, financial issues and property settlements. 

Just as importantly, Dibbo mediates matters affecting business owners that may include resolving business or commercial issues such as partnership disagreements, commercial leasing arrangements or disputes with customers or suppliers.

With more than 35 years as an agri-business adviser, financial planner and authorised credit representative, the sum of Dibbo’s expertise, experience and first-hand understanding of rural matters adds to his credence as an informed and thoughtful mediator able to understand and clarify issues and steer discussions to an amicable resolution.

PDM is an important and much-needed service now available in Jamestown and Mid-Northern rural and farming communities.  For more information, please contact PDM on 0438 946 638.

About Phillip Dibben (NMA)
Phil is accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) and his areas of expertise are Facilitated Mediation and Evaluative Mediation. However, he is also a renowned specialist in rural financial planning, lending and agribusiness management solutions with more than 35 years’ experience working farming families and farming businesses. Learn more about Phil here

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What our clients say…
My husband and I engaged Dibbo (Phillip Dibben Mediation) to assist us with our transition to retirement and farm succession…we were able to prioritise goals and actions. Read more

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